Yoga by Candlelight June News

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude. Looking ahead, I am filled with vision.  Looking upwards, I am filled with strength. Looking within, I am filled with peace. The above affirmation was the heart-opening intention for our cacao ceremony last month. When you read the affirmation, what do you feel? How does it connect

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Yoga by Candlelight May News

Hridaya The Spiritual Heart War… Politics… The heart is unwavering. It is a force that is stronger than all the dramas of the material world. And the spiritual heart, hridaya, is vast beyond all measure and can encompass all the love and hold tender all the pain. This is the remarkable vitality of the beating, life-sustaining

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Yoga by Candlelight March News

Saprema… As the sun shines a little bit longer each day and the vernal equinox draws closer, it’s hard not to dream of the radiant spring warmth to come, providing nourishment outwardly and inwardly. To mark this, I’d like to share my bunch of daffodils, and our darling Rolo relaxing

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Yoga by Candlelight February News

Saprema, Welcome to February 1st – in the Celtic calendar it heralds the first day of the spring season. And it’s called Imbolc… the time when the inner life of Mother Nature begins to stir, as life awakens deep within the earth and emerges gracefully towards the light. Bridgit, Bridie, Bridgette… she is

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