I have always felt a deep connection to the Lotus flower. In fact I was surrounded by them when I stayed at Ubud, on Bali in Indonesia.
The Lotus rises from unclean waters to blossom as an uncontaminated flower. This is a great analogy for the Yogi, who goes from darkness to light, with the help of a Guru. Yoga has been my Guru; it has carried me through the darkest moments in my life, and of course I am still on my journey.

Yoga has become a lifelong passion for me, one which continues to show me life’s amazing possibilities. As I deepen my practice, I recognise the profoundly positive and rewarding impact that yoga is having on me, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My teaching style is unique, strong, fun and inspiring. My intention is to focus on each student’s individual needs, bringing their awareness to the alignment of the physical body, and helping them achieve an inner balance, on both the physical and emotional level.

I aim to provide a peaceful environment for my students, where they can expand their awareness and connect with their inner truth and delight. Each student is given room to nurture their body and mind in an atmosphere of safety and comfort, creating a state of balance and harmony within. Yoga is a journey, not a destination, and is definitely not a competition. It is with great reverence, gratitude and humbleness that I share the delights of yoga. I feel blessed and honoured to be on this unending journey of renewal and transformation.

Although I am a qualified Hatha and Vinyasa flow teacher I do bring other teachings to my classes. The majority of classes start and finish with chanting. I am fascinated by the Sanskrit mantras. When I chant I feel that I am taken into another world, where I am very much at one with the Universe.

I am deeply humbled to all the yogis and yoginis who have crossed my path.
It is because of each and every one of you that I am where I am today. For this I am hugely grateful.


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