Welcome, and thank you for visiting this page – my aim is to create a Sanctuary of Stillness where you can dive into a haven of soothing meditations at your leisure and in your time.

I launched this page in February 2021, introducing three short, guided meditations.

Did you know that within your body temple there is a sanctuary of stillness, where you can tap into and reside in a deep solace anytime, anywhere? However, when the mind is troubled, its mere existence becomes murky…

It is my great privilege to invite you to arrive in this space, to honour it, to seize ownership of your sanctuary, and to bloom into the boss of what can often be a noisy mind.

Welcome to the Sanctuary of Stillness…

Guided Meditation by Alexandra Alves

There is an inner child that resides inside ourselves, that needs nurturing just as much as we do!

Alexandra Alves Yoga Teacher

Use the golden light meditation when you feel tired and alone.

Alexandra Alves Yoga Teacher

If ever in need of some mental clarity, the sky meditation will help you to connect with a blue sky.

“To create a time of silence takes just a second. A second is a drop of time… a drop of time through which I step to renew myself deep inside. So I stop, for a second, and say to myself, “Now I shall go inside”. In the space of that second, I pass beyond all the muddle and find myself in my original state of peace.”