Soul Travellers: You, Asana and Mindfulness

JULY 2023

Soul Travellers
You, Asana and Mindfulness

When we talk about asana it is usually about the physical considerations the mechanics of the pose, but what about other aspects, what about the thoughts and emotions that we bring to our mat?

Asana – to sit … in the context of Pantajali’s Sutras, however, we can contemplate this term in a more figurative sense, as meaning “to sit with”  (The Inner tradition of Yoga by Michael Stone)

So, who are we sitting with? What is arising and passing away as we move through posture? To know this, we must give ourselves the gift of time.

Time to begin in silence: to allow the idea of posture to arise, to experience intention’s growth – without this, movement begins subconsciously, growing from habit, muscles tensing in preparation and moving along well-worn pathways that do not necessarily serve us well, the mind obscuring the body’s intelligence. 

Time to then allow intention to billow out into movement, the pose filling the mind as the wind gently fills a sail. We can then notice how much energy or force we are channelling into the pose, what tensions and habits we can let go and release as they arise in the body/mind, and what qualities we are bringing to our movements. We can then notice “who is with us on the mat”.

Time, as gift, to move gently toward the fullness of the pose; it is as though we have inhaled the pose, brought it toward us and now we inhabit it in its fullness, the pause, the absorption of the energy that the Asana brings. We need not hold the pose, we can be held by it, or as though we hold ourselves, the whole self, as something precious, cupped in the palm of awareness. 

Then time to ebb from the pose, to exhale through movement, experiencing the changes of energy and emotion as we physically begin to release the asana . Is the movement into the pose, the same as the movement out of a pose? What arises at these times, who has joined us? 

And then time to return to stillness, to release the pose from the body, the mind and to let go of all that has arisen and know in this stillness that it is complete, to rest in the silence at the end of the breath and return to the self. 

Next time, you are practicing do become aware of all the above.

Stay Curious,
Alexandra Alves


The Capricorn Full Moon reminds us that we can indeed do hard things and come out the other side, wiser, stronger, and better equipped than before.

While the July Full Moon may stir some challenges and guide us to confront some of the things that are no longer working in our lives, if we rise up and take responsibility for our situation, we may just find ourselves pleasantly rewarded.

There are rewards on offer here under the July Full Moon, plus the energies which peaks just one day after this Full Moon, will help us to magnify our energy and strengthen any ritual work. If you are interested in knowing the ritual for this Capricorn Full Moon, do text me on 07786 332 695. The ritual is best done between June 27 – July 11, 2023.

Capricorn Star Sign


Sunday, 30th July 6:00 – 8.30pm
Circle of Love Yoga Ceremony

Here we hold space as one! Breath IN change. Breath OUT acceptance. Join us. It’s as simple as showing up and inhaling followed by exhaling. Pausing in the open tenderness without trying to solve it, just a breath in and breath out, feeling life course through my being.

Venue: Dorney Village nr Dorney Lake 

Investment £40pp

Refreshments to be shared at the end.

Small, intimate gathering. Expect the unexpected! 

Saturday, 12 August 6:00 – 9:00pm
A Midsummers Evening Dream Yoga By Candlelight

An evening of soul yoga, poetry, and the chance to tune into the portal of your heart during this boutique yoga ceremony to celebrate YOU. This alchemical journey will be laced with yoga, poetry, crystal healing meditation, and deeply cleansing music. Fell nurtured, safe, and held by Pachamama in this sacred healing space. Honoured guest Paula Tait on Celtic Harp and Symphonic Gong.

Venue: Champneys, Tring HP23 6HY (Crystal Garden)

Investment £45pp

Refreshments to be shared at the end.

Dress code: Colours of the sunset

Expect the unexpected! 

From the depths of my heart, I extend my deepest gratitude to you. Thank you for entrusting e with your journey, for the privilege of witnessing your growth, and for reminding me why I love what I do.

Yours in yoga
Alexandra Alves

We are here to help
Each other
We are here to heal
We are here to evolve and grow
We are here to hold
Space, Grace, Light
Sacred knowledge and practices passed down from
Our grandmothers, and their grandmothers, and their grandmothers’ grandmothers
As we walk this Sacred journey home, in pure, divine loving light.