Natural Cork Yoga Mats – Dotted


Introducing bespoke Yoga by Candlelight natural cork yoga mats, a creation that embodies my dreams, my everything.

Made in Portugal with natural cork, these mats have been photographed in the enchanting landscapes of Bali. When you sit, you meditate. That’s why we chose candlelight, to nurture the light that resides within each of us. With our bespoke mats, people reflect on that light, arriving and surrendering to their yoga journey.

Staying flat when rolled, these 3mm thick mats provide natural cork cushioning, offering support to your joints. Lightweight and eco-friendly, they ignite your senses from the very start of your practice. With a non-slip surface, you’ll connect with nature and your inner self.

Join me, Alexandra Alves, in this biodegradable journey towards self-discovery.

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Made in Portugal, these eco-friendly, natural cork yoga mats provide cushioning to support your joints so you can connect with nature and your inner self.