Hello November


Soul Travellers

wow wow – Already mid November is upon us! 

Before looking ahead, let’s take a moment (can you spare a moment?) for reflection and appreciation of all that October brought us.

For me, it was a very special month in many ways. I guided my Sahara yoga retreat and drumming in the Sahara desert was a feeling that I will never forget.  I feel a shift arriving in my perception around what’s possible in my personal and professional life. This is so exciting for me and I am still holding space for more of that picture to emerge, while taking inspired action on the pieces that are moving into place.

Yoga by Candlelight Retreats

November is about taking the time to tend to the quiet places within, is the path of the warrior. These are the warriors we need. To take off your armour and sit still—while the flood of thought loops, emotions, and outer chaos taunt you to run off with them to make more noise in the world—is a superpower.

The world needs more of this kind of superhero. Inner reflection helps us to have a clearer perspective on the outside world and therefore fewer projections and less inner turmoil.

I move around the world and the amount of outward facing is tremendous and though it nourishes me on so many profound levels, it also pulls from my resources. Fortunately, through my pursuit of meditation at a young age, I was taught to be quiet, to go inward to refill.

This world is filled with conflict and a lack of quiet, and we can see and feel the palpable pain and suffering around the globe. We can hear all the noise, yelling, perceived certainty and endless absolutes.

Today is a potent time to listen more, take time to reflect and slow. Allowing the old leaves and the thought loops and old behaviours to fall away.  Would you want to commit or recommit to a daily meditation practice? If so, let’s sit anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes a day, no matter the excuse and listen to the deep remembrance.

I’m truly humbled and grateful to those who have flowed with me through time and showed up for all the variations and iterations along the way.

OM.OM.OM  Alexandra


Circle of Medicine Ceremony

OCEAN OF ONENESS – Circle of Medicine

Your private invite to create an altar ceremony to celebrate Full Moon, with shamanic drums. Meditation, sound healing with Moon Gong, Alegria, Felicidade and Dance… …  Here we hold space as one . 
Breathe IN change. Breathe OUT acceptance. Join us. It’s as simple as showing up and inhaling followed by the exhaling.  

Friday, 1st December @ 7.30 to 9.30pm
Wellbeing Investment £20pp
Refreshments to be shared at the end.
Medmenham Village Hall , Marlow SL7 

Sanctuary of Stillness – YOUR FREE Meditations 

Did you know that within your body temple there is a sanctuary of stillness, where you can tap into and reside in a deep solace anytime, anywhere? However, when the mind is troubled, its mere existence becomes murky…

It is my great privilege to invite you to arrive in this space, to honour it, to seize ownership of your sanctuary, and to bloom into the boss of what can often be a noisy mind.

Welcome to the Sanctuary of Stillness…

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Yoga by Candlelight

Today, I reflect on the wise words my dear mother used to tell me. As I sit quietly at the end of the day, memories of her love and guidance fill my heart. It’s a reminder to evaluate my day, relationships, and achievements. Am I happy and satisfied with where I am?

Can I sleep peacefully, knowing I’ve given my best? Today, I celebrate not just my mother, but also myself. I celebrate the journey, the growth, and the love that continues to shape me. Here’s to embracing self-reflection, honoring our achievements, and celebrating the beautiful souls we are.

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Until we meet again.
Happy November 2023!!

We are here to help
Each other
We are here to heal
We are here to evolve and grow
We are here to hold
Space, Grace, Light
Sacred knowledge and practices passed down from
Our grandmothers, and their grandmothers, and their grandmothers’ grandmothers
As we walk this Sacred journey home, in pure, divine loving light.