Hari Om
Let your intention for 2019 be:
The Cosmic Dance
The Yoga Quartets
Full details to be released five weeks prior to the event. Please save the dates.
Africa & The Circle of Life – Saturday 19th January 2019
The unbridled wonder of life! Yoga that boldly echoes the magnificence of Africa – her wild savannahs, phenomenal wildlife and unapologetic beauty.
Ground yourselves into this Earth-Mandala sequence with the beats of the drum as we tap into the pulses of Mother Earth. Click here for details.
Ancient Britain & Celtic Paganism – Saturday 16th March 2019
Land of the forgotten. This sacred ground contains old energies and lost myths; a Water-Mandala yoga to re-energise the soul.
Pagan Yoga to honour the Divine in the forms of the Druid Triple Goddess reflected in the waxing, full and waning phases of the Moon.
Magic-infused Yoga in preparation for the Spring equinox. Click here for details.
Native America: The Wolf Woman – Sunday 2nd June 2019
Listen to the Wind for it whispers Truth. The Wolf Woman harnesses within us the power of the infinite – the unbridled, and the flute carries her stories.
A serene third quartet to channel this energy into the heart chakra; the seat of the soul. Click here for details.
Desert Sufism – Saturday 16th November 2019
Surrender to the calls of the desert: submission to the Divine. The last yogic quartet gracefully composed to the mystical vibrations of the Oud.
This is Yoga between the divide – between light and shadow, between life and silence. Click here for details.