By Alexandra @ Yoga By Candlelight

Fellow Soul Travellers,

If you have found your way onto this page, it’s probably because you’re curious about the Virtual Scent Boutique or you’re a regular at my yoga classes and therefore, know that I have a certain love affair with blending essential oils and always use my concoctions at the end of my classes by applying a drop onto your wrists. Many of you have been asking me since forever to sell them, so… Here they are! This is an exciting and sacred venture for me, and I am honoured to be able to share my unique creations with you.


Deep within you resides your lotus flower. From your heart drips nectar; sweet, sustaining and life-affirming energy. When you are full, well and revitalised, you are able to nourish others. This exotic blend of cinnamon, grapefruit, opium and avocado oils will nutrify your flower.

Directions for use: one drop on each wrist, inhale deeply and declare ‘I am ready’ in your mind, then exhale fully and state ‘to let go’.

Yoga By Candlelight Virtual Scent


There are no mistakes in the Universe. Everything is constantly being harmonised in the cosmic kitchen, and it is delivered to you in divine time. Just as we blend delicate oils, so too does the Universe blend every detail through its sacred manifestations. This soothing concoction of patchouli, kasumatra frankincense, ylang ylang and almond oil will invite these synchronicities in your being.

Directions for use: one drop on each wrist, inhale deeply and declare ‘I am ready’ in your mind, then exhale fully and state ‘to let go’.


The celestial feminine summons your awakening and empowerment. Be open to receive it by stepping forward and devouring the spirit of this emerald fountain, a delightful fusion of lemon balm, mandarin, lemongrass, and almond oil, the lotus of the heart.

Directions for use: one drop on each wrist, inhale deeply and declare ‘I am ready’ in your mind, then exhale fully and state ‘to let go’.

Not to be consumed – for topical use only – natural aromatherapeutic skincare – pure essential oils – ethically produced – paraben free – not tested on animals – vegetarian

Mother Fierce_Yoga By Candlelight2


Nothing can penetrate the passionate fire of fearless love. Your safety is assured. In the midst of apparent challenges or threats, no matter how overwhelming it may seem, know that you are safe, protected, and loved. Surrender to Mother Fierce, a serene blend of lavender, magnolia, lotus and Sumatra oil, all fused into a carrier oil of sesame and a dash of my secret ingredient.


For a limited period, I am also offering clear quartz crystals wrapped in silver wire to be worn as a pendant. These crystals were charged personally by me at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Clear quartz is considered a master healer – it is said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it, as well as aiding memory and concentration.

Directions for use: simply wear the pendant as a necklace, place it on your meditation altar, or ask your inner self what it would like to do with it. It is advisable that the pendant is not worn when having a shower or bath.

Sacred River


Just as the river flows and changes course, you too are evolving on your divine path. Changes in the flow of energy within you and in the momentum of your unfolding path are infinite. Spray me around your aura to open up the pathways for inner reflection, assisted by rose, kewra water, vanilla, grapefruit, and lemon essences, topped off with a rose petal & my secret ingredient. This one is sure to inspire!


To place an order, send an email to detailing what you would like to purchase. If you live in High Wycombe or a local area, personal delivery is available. If you reside further afield, there will be postage charges.

Blended oils £7 (7mls) Pendant £4.99