Cocoon meditation suspended in anti-gravity hammocks, accompanied with a Gong Bath

Saturday ~ 1130 to 1230 ~ Lane End

Yoga within an ocean of Oneness.

Connecting and aligning our body and minds is fundamental to yoga. What better way to explore this than through anti-gravity yoga within silk hammocks that allows us to explore our floating fluid states by reducing the compression of our joints and spine? The cocoon meditation mimics the experience within the womb - a place of safety, love and nourishment. Through this space we can create the alignment and balance we need.

The journey is a deeply restoring and relaxing one. It is akin to a powerful medicine that heals and teaches the body to let go of what no longer serves it. Surrounded by the vibrations of the moon gong and ancient-old mantras, one has no choice but to surrender to the majesty of the Universe.

All that is required of you is to lie down within the cocoons and receive with love the seeds of the true self. Other than that, absolutely no effort is required.

N.B.: The silky hammocks are a special high-density nylon that can hold up to 500kg. (78 Stone)